Lesson 6.2: Finalizing and Presenting Your Project

Objective: Students will complete their video travel guide in Spanish, incorporating feedback and making necessary adjustments to ensure their project is polished and engaging. This lesson focuses on the finalization of the project, including editing the video, rehearsing the presentation, and reflecting on the learning journey. Students will then present their travel guides to the class, showcasing their language proficiency and cultural knowledge.


The time has come to bring your vision to life and share your journey with others. Your video travel guide is more than just a project; it’s a testament to your hard work, creativity, and growth as a Spanish language learner. As you put the finishing touches on your guide, remember the impact your words and insights can have on those who watch it. Today, you’ll finalize your project, prepare to share it with the class, and reflect on the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through this process. Let’s get ready to present your travel guides and celebrate your accomplishments. ¡Adelante!

Learning Content

  1. Video Editing Tips
  • Basic editing techniques to enhance video quality: adding transitions, background music, and captions.
  • Importance of clear and audible narration.
  • Incorporating visual aids effectively to complement the spoken content.
  1. Presentation Skills
  • Practice speaking clearly and confidently.
  • Engaging your audience: eye contact, enthusiasm, and interactive elements.
  • Handling questions and feedback gracefully.
  1. Reflection and Feedback
  • Encouraging constructive feedback from peers and the instructor.
  • Reflecting on what was learned during the project and the course as a whole.
  • Identifying areas for future improvement and setting language learning goals.


  1. Video Presentation
  • Students present their video travel guides to the class. Each presentation is followed by a question and answer session, allowing the presenter to elaborate on their project and the class to engage more deeply with the content.
  1. Peer Review and Feedback
  • After each presentation, classmates provide feedback on both the content and the delivery of the travel guide. This constructive feedback is meant to recognize strengths and suggest areas for growth.

Discussion Questions

  • How did the process of creating a video travel guide challenge and enhance your Spanish language skills?
  • What new insights about Spanish-speaking cultures did you gain through this project?

Expanding Learning

  • Organize a virtual exchange with students from a Spanish-speaking country, where you can present your travel guides and receive direct feedback from native speakers.
  • Create a portfolio of your work throughout this course, including drafts, notes, and the final video guide, as a resource for future language learning endeavors.


Congratulations on completing your video travel guide and sharing it with your peers. This project not only showcases your language skills but also your ability to connect with and appreciate another culture. As you move forward, remember that language learning is a continuous journey filled with opportunities for growth and discovery. Your travel guides are a lasting reflection of your hard work and passion for Spanish. Continue to explore, learn, and share your experiences. ¡Felicidades y buen viaje en tu próxima aventura lingüística!

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